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Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 依依 YiYi【1272号】

Age 年龄 : 22 Years Old

Height 身高 : 158cm

Boobs 胸围 : 34B

Room 包房


GeyLang 芽笼

$100Massage/60mins +2 HJ

8696 8169

8696 8169

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2020-04-20 09:17马来西亚厨师 Says:
2020-03-12 22:24Happy Says:
A nice and friendly girl. Just like your wife. Giving you a great massage after you back from work and of cos the HJ after that.
2020-03-11 04:58BrotherInNeed Says:
She is good. Massage great.. HJ great!!
Anyway realise some negative FR was removed.. it’s very misleading..
anyway personally I find her good..
2020-03-11 00:31TryHer Says:
5th time visit her. Feel so relax after having a great massage session. Worth spending.
2020-03-10 23:08好心人 Says:
Nice and friendly girl. Good skill massage and of his best HJ. Support +1
2020-02-28 11:33阿文 Says:
2020-02-11 20:05Tom Says:
Is there BJ service?
2020-02-06 17:09康康 Says:
2020-01-25 03:05confusebro Says:
Still around?
2020-01-15 17:04HappyBro Says:
Hmm My comments got Deleted.
Anyway here is my FR
Friendly. Pretty Looking. Looks like photo just less fair.(Maybe the apartment abit dark.)
Nice body with good size boobs.
Location is good.
Both Massage and HJ is great.
Will RTF
2020-01-13 18:37 Says:
Will come again
2020-01-12 20:11ww Says:
Good massage
2020-01-10 13:37狼人 Says:
2020-01-10 09:34夏日的风 Says:
2020-01-09 17:31马来西亚黑哥哥 Says:
2020-01-08 09:30mai Says:

A friendly and nice girl,nice and patient young lady. The strokes were great and coming was not a question.pretty seductive vibes, when she open the door, I was shocked that she was so damn awesome pretty. Gorgeous chiobu..Smooth skin, curvy with round, natural D” boobs. Fair complexion, which I like a lot.
2020-01-08 09:21老头子 Says:
2019-12-22 09:20John Says:
2020-01-08 12:01一叶知秋 Says:

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